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The CBSO Benevolent Fund is a registered friendly society, no. 735F, supporting CBSO players and staff.

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The Benevolent Fund hosts an annual concert, which is our main fundraising opportunity. It's also a wonderful event that brings together members old and new, and provides an opportunity for the orchestra to reciprocate the generosity of our benefactors. To find out about general booking for CBSO concerts, click here.

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Our Story

Decades ago it was exceptional for any musicians, other than those under the auspices of the BBC, to be assured of financial help from employers in the event of ill health. While this may seem trivial to those outside our rarified profession, our physical and mental health is as necessary to do our jobs as it is for professional athletes.

Seemingly straightforward everyday knocks can be a source of deep anxiety for a musician, ranging from not quite playing on top form to physical incapacity. This can be induced as simply as a cut finger to a string-player, or unexpectedly fuzzy hearing. More serious injuries that often occur as a direct result of our jobs include repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, a variety of musculoskeletal disorders and orofacial problems. Even treatments one might consider routine, like a change of lens prescription, hearing tests and physiotherapy appointments decide whether or not a musician can continue to perform. Additionally, we are constantly improving our understanding of mental strain experienced by musicians in the invariably high-pressure performance setting. 

There are often private medical services available, which cut down NHS waiting times and provide immediate access to specialists in every field of the profession. However, this usually comes at a cost far beyond the orchestral musician's budget. 

This is why your musicians look for financial help when disaster strikes. 

The CBSO Benevolent Fund exists to bring our members financial support, connect them to health professionals and ease the pressure on those struggling with health problems as they continue to perform to an incredibly high standard. 

Members are current or former employees of the CBSO. Retired members over the age of 65 become Honorary Members. Those who have given 20 years or more of service, but are not yet 65, become Special Honorary members. Special Honorary members cannot claim from the Fund until they become Honorary members. The CBSO Benevolent Fund is completely independent from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Ltd.